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We have learnt that the perfection of every event is found within the detail, don’t be fooled, it is sometimes the smallest thing that matters the most, but that important thing can often be overlooked or forgotten, this error can cause a regret that lasts long after the event is over, “I wish we had only thought about…” isn’t the thing you want to remember about your important event or special occasion.


Our true goal is to always make our Client feel like a guest at their own celebration and to always create an “IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE” and memories to last a lifetime for all who attend.

“Your dream can be clothed in reality by the expertise of the Imaginative Productions team”
– Imaginative Productions.

Imaginative Productions make the difference by striving for perfection in the wonderful memories we create for our clients.

We have some mind-blowing ideas to share but we start by listening to our Clients and know the importance of their every word, it fills us with pride at being involved and we can offer a little amount of help or an end to end services. We have been told by our clients that they hire Imaginative Productions for their abundance of giving, their specialist knowledge and expert handling of every logistical and creative element of their event.

“Your dream can be clothed in reality by the expertise of the Imaginative Productions team”

– Imaginative Productions

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Imaginative Productions work hard to offer our customers the best in value for money.

Please tell us about your meeting, event or celebration and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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    Tell Us About Your Event


    Pricing for our services vary depending on size, complexity and the location of the event. All our Planning fees are quoted as flat day rate and will never increase or decrease regardless on how much or little we are utilized.


    Every Imaginative Productions event is designed to be unique; therefore, design costs vary depending on our client vision and overall style.


    There are two parts – there is first a flat day rate price for planning, and then there is the price for design/decor, this price variable depending on the overall vision of our client and their overall budget.

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