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Inventing Imaginative outdoor Event, Meeting and Learning Spaces

In a recent survey conducted by the IACC (Innovating the conference centre industry) confirms that meeting and event organisers are incorporating outdoor spaces more than ever, all in an effort to get attendees outside the confides of the four walls of the conference centre or classroom into healthy open air environments.

Just because Events, Meetings or Learning is to be hosted outdoors does not dictate a compromise of Imaginative themes, d├ęcor or initiative furniture.

Whether you want your Event, Meeting or Learning Space to be completely outdoors with or without uniquely tailored structures or you simply wish to use the outdoors for additional space, capitalizing on timely trends is a key part of setting the tone and by allowing our experienced Imaginative team to guide you through the creative design and construction process you will achieve your objectives with spectacular results.

  • Individually designed spaces can make a bold statement or complement existing structures and surrounding environment.
  • Architects and project managers ensure Safety is maintained from concept design through to the final product delivery.
  • Specialists in utilising and incorporating Robust Sensory Technology and selecting effective Tactile materials and planting
  • Expert in design and creating exciting Permanent semi- permanent and temporary outdoor learning and events spaces and structures.

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